Our two teams 🙂


Join a team and get busy having fun! We offer fun based activities that challenge, build up and develop (in danger of messiness and getting wet sometimes).

This year we are working at Community Based Projects with the Youth. We are in contact with local charities and organisations to offer our help and services to the community.

We also do activities during school holidays, such as annual Camping Trip in May and
Soul Survivor Summer Camp each July  (Yes…5 days of kiddie free parents!!)

All Leaders and Helpers are CRB/DBS checked, safeguarding and first aid trained

Torch is our youth ministry aimed at 11-16yr olds. At Torch our goal is to create an environment that encourages, excites and engages young people to develop a deep passion for God in every area of their lives.

We have a programme of regular teaching from the Word of God designed for youth, the purpose and aims of Sunday teachings is to:

Help them to understand who they are in Christ

Young people are searching for identity and live in a media and peer culture that tells them that they have to look a certain way or achieve certain things in order to be loved. Knowing the truth of how God sees them will help them connect with the genuine unconditional security, significance and acceptance that they were always meant to have.

Give them the tools to walk free from the rubbish that holds them back

There is so much temptation and pressure on Young People to mess up in all kinds of ways. Learning what they are up against and how to stop, rethink and totally turn their back on sin will see them set free from all kinds of stuff from their past and in their present.

Empower them to take hold of the authority they have in Christ

As children of God we have amazing authority in the spiritual world. We don’t need to have to go to the ‘right’ event or respond to the ‘right’ message to be free. We can take full responsibility for our own freedom and relationship with God.

Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John8:32). The aim of this course is to help young people connect with the truth of the bible early in their Christian life so that they mature into fruitful disciples who live it out and change the world in Jesus’ name. It is our prayer that all Torch Youth members will be transformed by what God does through this course.